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We have been breeding bengal cats now for 12 years and never looked back. we are a closed cattery no outside stud services for the health of our cats. we are testing yearly for hcm and heart related complications. All new cats will be tested for pkd and hcm as well as stool checks using pcr methods. All of our cats are pkd n/n no carriers

All Bengal kittens are carefully bred and lovingly raised in our home and are handled everyday by our family. This ensures your kitten will grow to be a well adapted, loving, and very social adult. Our kittens are healthy and socialized very early in life. We have well spaced litters per year to ensure each of our cats and kittens receive individualized time and care.

We are proud of the Bengal kittens we produce. Each kitten recieves initial vaccines, spay/neuter contract for pets, and a royalcanin kitten care kit, along with health guarantee I will always be available for the life of your cat. we feed our cats taste of the wild dry with cooked chicken breast. AS WELL AS RAW

We carefully selected our cats and all are from grand champion lines from some of the most well-known respectable breeders. Currently we produce brown spotted, large open rosetted kittens loaded with glitter with pelted coats. We introduced silver in our program with great success and we are producing rosetted silvers and with amazing clear coats.

Our goal through carefully planned breeding is to produce kittens with a loving personalities glittered, pelted coats, excellent type and strong profiles. Richly colored coats with no ticking, vivid contrast with clear sharp desirable markings and open rosettes are the cornerstone of our cattery .Our Cats and kittens are all sbt s and are large robust and healthy. Kittens with a relaxed sweet attitude is what we are known for. I am educated and commited to the Bengal Breed and will continue to strive to produce the best.

We love what we do here. We are proud of the accomplishments we have made through the years. We would like to send out a big thankyou to all our friends and family that have our cats and We hope you enjoyed your visit here at Thanks for visiting check back often .